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There are literally thousands of achievements to unlock in World of Warcraft and, as of now, exactly two players have pulled off that impressive feat.

The folks over at Kotaku stumbled upon this story simply by checking out the WoW achievements page. At present, there are 2,511 achievements available in World of Warcraft that, once unlocked, total a whopping 25,825 achievement points. If you take a gander at the listings, two players have actually reached the top of that mountain, unlocking all of the extra challenges the game has to offer. Also impressive are the eight players that are hot on their heels, with several other just a few achievements off of the mark.

For those of you used to chasing down Achievements on the Xbox or Trophies on the PlayStation, what sets this collection apart is the fact that some of those achievements are astronomically hard to actually get, requiring an untold number of hours of dedication to the game.

We assume that these two folks, upon completion, disappeared in a swirl of fire and were reborn directly into the game, but we can't confirm anything at this time.

As for who these dedicated WoW players are, one is a Russian priest (in the game, not, we presume, in real life) and a druid from the U.S. Honestly, I feel a bit sory for Priv, the U.S. player. They have the exact same score as their companion on Achievement Island but, I assume due to timing, they will forever be stuck in second place. That's got to burn just a little.

In case you were curious, both players battle for the Alliance, once again proving their dominance over the Horde. As the original post points out, these folks had to do things like “collect 300 mounts,” every single pet in the game and way more. There's also a boatload of competitive achievements they had to tackle that make unlocking Thorn in Destiny seem like a relaxing weekend of fun. And loads of these achievements were bound by various weekly restrictions so, even if they felt super dedicated to pulling something off, they were constantly being held back by timers and whatnot.

I make it no secret that, at this point in my life, I'm not a super fan of grinding. Once I notice that a game wants me to continue an action for the sake of filling more time, I typically bounce. For that reason alone, I'd love to talk to either of these WoW players just to pick their brains. What made them want to go after such an insane feat? How long have they been playing the game and what, in general, are their playing habits. Were they aware of each other at any point, thus making this a race to the finish? Here's hoping someone is able to contact them and find out.