Aliens are invading and, now that gamingo has sent UFO Online: Fight for Earth into open beta, everyone with a half-decent computer and an internet connection can help kick the invading Skum race back to whichever planet they originally came from.

UFO Online recently wrapped up its closed beta on PC and, according to gamingo, the game is ready for new recruits to join one of three factions in order to help defend our home planet from the alien threat. How will we do that? In a tactic massively multiplayer online game, of course.

Now that the UFO Online beta has closed shop, the developers have spilled the beans on all of the advancements that have been added to the game in time for the open beta. First up is a helpful comprehensive tutorial, which will explain the game’s features to new players, as well as the different types of characters, factions, abilities, etc.

The PvE content has been expanded, too, according to a statement from the developer, including the addition of a new task system, improved research and weapon upgrading, dynamic missions and a completely reconstructed base that will grant a better overview and more interaction opportunities.

UFO Online takes place on an Earth where three warring factions are currently battling for supremacy. Once the alien threat arrives, however, the three groups decide to put aside their differences in order to protect our common home world. Players will be able to choose a faction, set up shop and start churning out resources and units in order to battle the aliens.

To enlist in the open bets, just cruise on over to the UFO Online official website.

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