Gamigo has announced that they will be doing a stress test of the UFO Online MMO and unlike other stress tests, this test will reward gamers just for helping improve the game. It's like, there's absolutely nothing better than to be rewarded for helping to make a game better while also playing the game. It's like, a win, a win and a win!

UFO Online: Fight for Earth is like an X-Com clone but free-to-play and online. It's one of many games trying to make a comeback based on a brand name property, including Jagged Alliance Online. The game is actually closer to Blue Byte's Incubation than the Micropose old X-Com titles. Still, if you're looking for some browser-based strategy goodness, that also happens to be free-to-play, you can't really go wrong with UFO Online.

The game's latest stress test, which begins tomorrow, invites gamers to test out the game, engage in as many PVP bouts as possible and generally stress the heck out of the servers. Those who participate in the beta will be eligible to win some Aurora gaming gear or Alienware goodies. I mean, you can't really go wrong where play-testing a game earns you the opportunity to win some free swag, right?

You can sign up for the beta right now using the universal sign in key below:


To put the key to use, sign-up for the game and start playing away, or to simply learn more about UFO Online, be sure to pay a visit to the game's Official Website.

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