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In most puzzle games there are very basic rules as to how the game is played. Usually, most games rely on Tetris-type mechanics, where a single dimension is presented and players must match up blocks or rotate objects, etc., etc. With Ubinota, however, the object is to save houses within complex, physics-based 3D scenarios and the results are ingenious.

I know my description of the game is pretty terrible, but thank goodness for YouTube videos. Ubinota from Rota Team is a clever 3D platform-puzzle title that could easily become a sleeper hit on Steam if it gets greenlit.

Check the game out in action below.

The art-style and gameplay is endearing and the clever way in which players must save the houses from falling while also trying to keep things stable is both funny and thought-provoking. I'm always amazed that we don't have more physics-based games out there, but I guess they don't make the Michael Bay bucks so they aren't top priority.

You can't really learn much more about this game on the Steam page because there isn't a lot of information there. Still, you get an idea of what this game is like based on the trailer above. There are a few additional screenshots to help convince you to upvote Ubionta but that's about it. If you like what you see and you think this belongs on Steam, feel free to pass a few votes the way of Rota Team by visiting their Official Greenlight Page.