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In today's technological software age, just about anyone can make a video game if they have the proper tools, a bit of time, a lot of motivation and the right know-how. Well, making that process even easier than it was before is a new series of game development tutorials from Eric Tereshinski, better known in the internet gaming and design community as ETeeski.

As described in the Kickstarter video above, the whole goal of the project is to provide gamers, enthusiasts, the curious and the future video game auteurs of the interactive entertainment industry with an easy-to-follow and complete step-by-step video walkthrough guide of making a game from scratch; starting from nothing and ending with the boss scene that precedes the credit roll.

The whole guide – covering the steps of character animation, scripting, coding, engine functions, combat, texture mapping, 3D rigging, effects, object rendering and everything else in between – will be free for everyone. The whole goal is to help give the community the confidence and know-how to bring their ideas to life in ways some people never thought possible.

As mentioned on the Kickstarter page...
“There are absolutely no required skills or knowledge to follow along with this series. This series will be teaching everything starting from the very basics. On top of all that, all the tools that will be used in this tutorial series is already free and available on both PC and Mac!”

The finished game through the project series is called Inbotrination, and it's the culmination of all the knowledge-base used throughout Eric's tutorial series brought to life as a proof of concept.

Even though this isn't necessarily new, the whole point is to bridge together all the separate but necessary guides, information and toolsets into one central location, so game-design enthusiasts will be able to create and make their game following a streamlined set of video guides, instead of having to search around the net for different tutorials covering different tools for different aspects of the game design process.

The series will use free design and development tools, so anyone will be able to follow along, grab the necessary software and get to work on a game without having to spend a dime. The tools used include Unity, Blender, Gimp, Audacity, and RAIN AI.

All of the aforementioned will enable you to make the game's graphics, code the game's design mechanics and develop challenging obstacles for the hero character to overcome.

Even if you don't decide to help contribute to the Kickstarter to make the video series become a reality, the Kickstarter page itself is highly informative. Anyone who is even remotely interested in game designing could definitely benefit from simply checking out the official Kickstarter page, and learning a thing or two about breaking into one of the most creatively challenging, yet interactively rewarding industries on the planet.

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