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NetMarble sent out word that the new expansion for Uncharted Waters Online, the now free-to-play MMORPG from Koei, will go live on January 11th, featuring the Tenochtitlan and its golden culture. Adventurers, merchants and pirates will be able to partake in the new experience once it goes live tomorrow.

As stated in the news briefing…
You will have the opportunity to discover the mysterious capital city of the Aztec Empire. Along with the regional expansion, our new update also will introduce new features as brand new city, developing players own recipes, and docking system to store more ships than before.

If you can get the game to work you can play the massive 6gig game completely and entirely for free via the NetMarble game portal. Those of you who like adventures on the high seas can learn more about Uncharted Waters or download the client by visiting the Official Website.

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