Gazillion Entertainment has announced that they have licensed the Unreal Engine 3 for their upcoming superhero-based MMO, Marvel Heroes Online, which is currently heavy in development over at the Super Identity Studios.

According to GameIndustry, Gazillion licensed the engine to help move development along at a quicker pace, enabling artists and world designers for Marvel Heroes to streamline the process of getting assets finished and working in the game at a quick pace.

Epic's North American licensing manager Joe Kreiner commented about the news, saying...
"Capturing the distinctive moments of such revered fiction within a game environment is no small task, and it's critical to use the very best tools and technology to deliver the production values fans expect,"..."Having grown up with Marvel's iconic heroes and villains, we're really honoured to help Gazillion and Secret Identity achieve their creative vision and quality bar for the game."

So far, the artists at Secret Identity seem to like using the engine, with Josh Book saying that "Our artists love the Unreal Content Browser, the visual art pipeline, and how functional UE3 is with different 3D packages,".

It's not uncommon for developers to brag about how awesome their game will look after licensing a big name game engine, so the real story is whether or not Marvel Heroes Online will look like a worthy Unreal Engine 3 game sort of the way Blade & Soul looks like a worthy CryEngine game.

We'll keep you posted on further news and updates regarding Gazillion Entertainment's upcoming free-to-play superhero game, or you can stay updated on news and info by visiting the Official Website.

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