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If you're looking for a new mobile game, there are few things more enticing than the prospect of driving bikes and SUVs down the street with guns mounted to the front, spraying bullets as you collect shiny golden coins. And that's exactly what Urban Assault offers for both iOS and Android.

Described by the developers at Adrenaline Crew as an “endless racing/shoot-em-up game,” Urban Assault keeps things nice and simple with its focus on destroying obstacles while keeping your vehicle (or super-fast-running human) barreling down the road. And a nice departure from the usual “release on one platform now and another six months from now” model, it's available to most mobile gamers right out of the gate.

“Whether you're loyal to iOS or Android devices, or maybe you're one of those nuts that like both, you're covered,” reads a press release from Adrenaline Crew. “Adrenaline Crew likes freedom, so they said 'screw it,' and made the game free.”

Available vehicles include a Mustang, a hummer, a cop car, a motorcycle and a dude just running at top speed. There are a total of 40 maps to take on, each with their own items to blow to pieces with your guns, EMP, flamethrower and fireball.

If you're ready to hit the road, you can swipe Urban Assault for free starting today on iOS or Android.

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