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Gamers, developers, writers, enthusiasts and everyone in between made a very blatant suggestion to Valve regarding their new community service for game developers, Steam Greenlight, and it was to add a submission fee for all projects to weed out trolls, spam posts and joke posts. Well, Valve has listened to the community and they have added a $100 submission fee for Steam Greenlight and the proceeds go to charity.

A quick rundown of the Greenlight is basically as follows: Valve was overwhelmed with game submissions from various developers and publishers. Instead of turning projects away on a constant basis the company started a project called Greenlight, which enables the community to vote for games submitted by publishers and developers. However, given that anyone could submit anything, the Greenlight project was quickly overwhelmed with joke submissions, troll submissions and all other sorts of disparaging material. Quite naturally, many gamers, journalists and game developers felt that Valve needed to add stricter rules or potential fees for submitting games to the Greenlight in order to weed out the garbage.

Fast forward to today, and the news comes courtesy of Valve's official community forums, and hot dang does Valve know how to do right by the community. Not only did they listen but they're not even the ones pocketing the money. All the proceeds from developer submissions will go towards Child's Play. So every submission, no matter what it is, no matter what it's trying to say, convey or do, it will be helping kids one way or another and that's a good guy move from Valve right there.

The other highlight is that companies who like to spam the Greenlight service like Alawar will now have a harder time spamming. If you want ALL your games green-lit, well now you'll have to pay for each entry and that means you have to be mindful of how many games you submit. No more casual, shovelware spamming.

It wasn't long ago that an article was posted here at Gaming Blend condemning the trolls and spammers who were abusing the Greenlight. The article we have up is just one of many across the interwebs from various other outlets who mostly felt the same way.

I'm glad Valve has worked hard and worked quickly in addressing the issue and this only spells good things for both developers (because now every submission has to be serious or most won't bother posting) and for gamers (because again, the submission fee will make it easier to wade through games of a certain quality as opposed to being bombarded with joke posts, spam posts and troll posts.)

The new submission fee for the service is not retroactive. So devs who already have projects up and active will retain those projects. Any additional submissions will be charged the new $100.00 fee.

While there are obviously some people who disagree with this, I think a great majority of us feel it was the right thing to do and all I have to say is thank you, Valve.

You can learn more about the Steam Greenlight by visiting the Official Website.

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