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Like sexy school girls? Short skirts? Japanese fan-service? How about two-on-two fighting with local or online co-op and competitive play? If you answered “yes” to all of the above questions, then you're already a fan of eigoManga's Vanguard Princess.

The game features dynamic fast-paced fighting, colorful characters with a striking color scheme and vibrant backgrounds. The game may be heavy on blatantly throwing upskirts and panty shots the way of players with buxom vixens filling out the roster, but it does so with an obvious audience in mind. In fact, shortly after joining joining Steam's Greenlight service Vanguard Princess has garnered more than 10,820 upvotes from the community in just a week.

I'm not sure if eigoManga will encounter any of the anti-sexist community campaigns that have hit many other games featuring sexualized female characters. Perhaps this will start a campaign to get a developer to make a game featuring a bunch of scantily clad dudes yao'ing it up? Oh wait, there is a game like that, it needs upvotes if it wants to compete with all the other female based fan-service games out there, though.

If you want to see Vanguard Princess land on Steam's store you'll need to give it an upvote and favorite by paying a kind visit to the official Greenlight page.

Oh that's right, we're not done here. Here's another game that might tickle your fancy if you're into something a bit more on the side of a traditional role-playing experience.

Festival of Magic is a classic throwback to the PSX era of JRPGs, where players run around in large open environments and do quests, fight baddies and gather supplies (yeah, back during the fifth generation of gaming, 3D RPGs actually allowed you to run around in open worlds; and cities weren't confined to a few linear corridors with a few NPCs scattered about).

The game has a surprisingly deep grasp on a lot of the micromanagement aspects that drew gamers to the RPG genre back in the day. It's not just about faux renegade and vanguard behaviors that may or may not give you an ending on a moral scale that slides from red to green to yellow.

As an indie title, Festival of Magic looks remarkably clean and the animation and character designs have that classic, enchanting look and feel about them that could easily help this game become a sleeper hit on Steam.

Designed by Snowcastle Games, Festival of Magic combines all the awesome elements of emergent gameplay such as exploration, harvesting, environmental interaction and non-linear character development with classic RPG features such as turn-based combat, level-ups and acquiring team mates to join your party.

If you're digging what Snowcastle is selling, feel free to upvote their game and show them some love by visiting their official Steam Greenlight page.

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