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Vendetta Online boldly made the jump from PC to Android devices back in 2011, making it the first 3D MMO to ever perform a maneuver from the big screen of a computer to the not-so-big screen mobile devices. Now the developers at Guild Software are hoping to expand the world of Vendetta one more time with an attempted Kickstarter campaign to port the game to iPad.

Vendetta Online began life about a decade ago, winning over many-a Sci-Fi MMO fan with its healthy mix of combat, trading, space mining and exploration. In March of 2011, Guild Software successfully ported the game to the Android platform, which went on to earn a number of awards and grab the top “paid app” spot on the Play Store rankings.

If Guild Software’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign meets with success, however, the game will also finally be coming to the iPad.

“We’ll be thrilled to bring our intense brand of multiplayer space gaming to the iPad family of devices,” said Guild CEO John Bergman. “Our game offers a seamless transition between desktop and mobile, so players can easily switch back and forth between their iPad and their Mac without limitations.”

And the Vendetta universe is all encompassing, too. According to a statement from Guild Software, “all players and platforms share the same universe, so iOS users will rub elbows with those on Windows, Mac, Linux, android and WinRT. Now that’s pretty nifty, if you ask me.

If the Kickstarter is successful enough, funds gathered could also go towards finalizing the next big expansion for Vendetta Online, which is due out at the end of this year.

The Vendetta Online Kickstarter has 62 backers as of this writing, combining for a total of $4,751 out of the $100,000 goal. With 37 days left to go, though, the campaign is certainly off to a good start.

To learn more about Vindetta Online, visit the game’s official website. For more details on the crowdfunding campaign or to chip in yourself, you can do so by visiting Kickstarter.

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