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Blizzard is currrently developing sequels to StarCraft and Diablo, an expansion to World of Warcraft, and an unannounced MMO. With a plate that full, you wouldn't think they'd have any time for WarCraft IV. You'd be right.

"Warcraft 4 is certainly something that gets talked about on a pretty regular basis," Blizzard Director of Production J. Allen Brack told AusGamers. "While I think we're all excited about a Warcraft 4, in concept, they're going to finish up StarCraft 2, and then they're going to work on the two StarCraft expansions that we've announced, so they're booked for the next few years."

Judging by the amount of StarCraft-themed custom WarCraft III maps floating around on Battle.net, there's plenty of real-time strategy fans who like both franchises. StarCraft 2 should occupy their time pretty effectively when it arrives next year.