Executive producer for The WarZ, Sergey Titov, let loose an open letter on behalf of the development team and the publishers to let fans, gamers and the core community of their game know that they royally screwed the pooch and that they're aiming to make amends and fix the wrongs that have plagued the promotion and release of The WarZ.

Electronic Theatre has the full open letter from Titov, which details the rise and fall of WarZ, and potentially an attempt to get the game to rise once more out of the ashes of hate and community condemnation.

Sergey made a few apologies to some of the more glaring problems from the game that spilled into the public forums regarding WarZ -- something that eventually turned into a full-on pitchfork and torch brigade across many websites -- stating...
Unfortunately, we weren’t prepared for this large success and the way we managed the community was not the way it should’ve been. We relied too much on forum moderators, whose primary role was to punish those who break rules, not to engage the community and guide conversations into productive discussions about problems.

Well, of course.

Using Blizzard's methods of silencing those bringing out problems and hoping that by keeping those with problems silenced that it all goes away eventually turns into a 65% dropoff rate. You can't piss on people and expect them to believe that they're drinking water...eventually word will get around and people will stop letting you piss on them.

Titov explains that they learned this the hard way...that not every company can afford to buy their way out of a problem or advertise the bad publicity away while maintaining a haughty attitude...
We failed to communicate our position and messaging on the outside platforms such as Facebook, twitter and various online websites, and when we did this we chose to rely more on arrogance rather than being humble and trying to understand why people were saying negative things. We chose to tune out negative reactions to the game, not paying enough attention to them – and this, again, is my fault.

Steam is currently offering refunds to those who purchased WarZ. Why? Because of false advertising.

The game was barely up on Steam for a week before it was pulled due to a lot of people, gamers, customers, taking to the forums and complaining about the game being a scam and that many of the advertised features were not actually in the game.

I have no idea how Hammerpoint Interactive will recover from such a humiliating launch fiasco. While Titov assures the community at large that the WarZ is still a “foundation release” – much to the same effect that Dean “Rocket” Hall has repeatedly mentioned that the first standalone of DayZ will also be a basic alpha build – and that the game is far from finished. He hopes to reel in all the negative press and get the team cracking on some new content while reorganizing the way they communicate with the community.

The real question is: will the gaming community go back to the WarZ or will gamers simply wait it out for the standalone release of DayZ?
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