It's rare that previews these days actually cover the high and low points of a game. AAA titles usually come with some sort of NDA whenever a publication plans to run a hands-on preview of a title and publishers never seem to be fond of any outlet actually telling it like it is. Well, that's not the case with the latest preview from Haas Gaming, which gives a complete rundown of what to expect from Warframe.

The near 10 minute video covers just about every aspect of the game, including the amazing visuals, the dynamic animations, the solid shooting mechanics and...the repetitiveness. This isn't the first time this issue of repetition has come up in regards to the play mechanics of Warframe and it is a bit worrisome, but hopefully Digital Extremes manages to work it all out by the time the game heads into open beta. You can check out the preview from Haas Gaming below.

The game looks really good, but I can't help but think that maybe this could have been better as a smaller, story-oriented co-op shooter as opposed to a free-to-play multuplayer title. This is the second preview that has lamented the lack of direction to the game's story and the repetitive nature of the map designs and missions. Then again, maybe Digital Extremes has a larger scheme that may unfold as the game draws nearer to release.

For now, you can learn more about the game or sign up for the beta by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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