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Warhammer: Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade Is Coming Soon!

Who likes strategy games? And who likes Warhammer? Ok, you Warcraft fans please put your hands down. Everyone else, come with me. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War’s new expansion, Dark Crusade, is coming out soon! Warhammer 40K was a landmark game in the real time strategy genre, because it introduced a lot of nifty elements to tactical gameplay and management. Plus, it gave you distinct races- Space Marines, Chaos Hordes, Eldar, and Space Orcs - that each had different sets of tactical and strategic advantages and disadvantages. The developers- THQ and Relic- go the extra mile with Dark Crusade, by adding in two new races- the Tau and the Necrons!

The Tau are a highly advanced and communal race, using long range weapons to fight. The Necrons are an ancient race of machines that destroy all in order to conquer all- basically, they’re Terminators and Borg all rolled into one. The developers also add in a massive world based single player campaign mode, where you literally have to conquer a whole planet (which is non-linear in its storyline). And while it is an expansion of the Dawn of War series, it will be a standalone game. Even with the two new races, you’ll still have the 5 other pre-existing races to play with. They also get new units and structures, which help change their tactical/strategic abilities in positive ways.

The world campaign mode is interesting, as it feels like an amalgamation of Hearts of Iron, Imperial Glory, and Risk. You fight it out on the planet of Kronus, where you have the option of fighting in depth, in any one territory on the planet, per turn. That’s how you get into the actual RTS battles. The graphics are not world changing- it’s nowhere near as good looking as Relic’s other smash RTS hit, Company of Heroes- but the graphics don’t have to be. The game’s intent is to build upon the proven Dawn of War engine and conceptualization. Probably it’s biggest drawing point is that it faithfully captures what makes the Warhammer 40K universe so interesting- and deliver a fun RTS game at the same time.

For trailers, previews, and more info on the game (and the previous games), check out the Dawn of War Homepage.