Kraken Games is gearing up to bring Warside, it’s 2D cooperative online shooter, to the masses via Steam Greenlight and, in order to get everyone familiar with the ins and outs of their bullet-riddles space-age world, they’ve revealed all new details today concerning the factions, character types and classes that players will be taking control of.

Set to launch on PC sometime this year, Warside is all about teaming up with friends and blasting through enemy threats in a sci-fi world filled with enemies, traps and loot a-plenty.

“Set against a futuristic backdrop of three powerful rival factions attempting to dominate the galaxy, each with their own backgrounds and political ideologies, players choose their allegiance to one of the factions, which will determine their starting planet within the game, along with the equipment available to their character,” reads a statement from Kraken. “Once the faction has been determined, players can then select one of four character types from one of five classes, with classes possessing their own preferred weapon types and gadgets.”

So, right out of the gate, players will have several options for fine-tuning their gameplay experience, allowing them to complement their friends’ characters with skills and abilities that will help out on the battlefield.

In today’s announcement, Kraken broke down those factions, characters and classes so players can go ahead and start thinking about what type of futuristic soldier they want to be.

As stated above, you can expect three factions starting out, the Galactic Commune, the New Empire and Corporation Zetta. The Commune “fight for freedom and equality” while the Empire are the “remnants of the old aristocratic families.” Think Alliance vs. Browncoats from Firefly and you won’t be too far off base. Corporation Zetta is exactly like it sounds; a giant corporation that’s gotten so big it has become a galactic power.

Breaking it down a step further, there are four character types to choose from, including the Faceless, which has high speed, low attack, a double jump and the ability to hang on walls; the Guardian, with high armor, low speed and an antigrav ability; the Huntress, with high attack, low armor and a dash ability; and the Mercenary, who is balanced across the board and sports a gosh-darned jetpack.

Finally, Warside will support five classes to choose within your character type, including the tank-esque Defender, the damage heavy Assault, the sneaky Infiltrator, the explosive Destroyer and everyone’s best friend on the battlefield, the Medic.

Look for Warside to arrive on Steam later this year. Until then, here’s a look at the PC game’s concept trailer.

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