Talk about giving back to the community. Not only has inXile Entertainment gone the route of crowd-sourcing to get Wasteland 2 funded, but during the design process they'll also incorporate the community into the production process and make the assets of the game available to the public via Unity's microtransaction asset store.

So here's how it works: inXile will open up an asset guide and allow fans to submit 3D assets for Wasteland 2 based on concept art that the team makes available on a weekly basis. Fans will look through the concept art to see what's required and submit assets to the Unity store. If inXile decides to use your creation in their game, you'll be paid and credited for your creation. Awesome, eh?

What's more is that assets that don't make it into the game will still be made available on Unity's asset store. So, let's say a ton of assets get created and added to Unity's store but aren't used in Wasteland 2...inXile could head back to the asset store and use some of the assets for future DLC, Wasteland 3 or an entirely different project. Heck, any other developer could step in and buy YOUR assets from the Unity store to use in a project. The concept really does bring the core gaming community even closer yet to the game development process.

I think it's a great idea and should be the future of asset management for a lot of games. It's such a shame that so many titles have to start from scratch when it comes to building objects and environments, and enabling developers to recycle some of the smaller or more convenient objects/assets for a game would surely speed up the process and free up more time to work on core mechanics and interesting new gameplay techniques.

You can learn more about the whole thing by paying a visit to the official Wasteland 2 website.

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