This is really, really, really good news. It's not just good news for Unity Technology because the Unity Engine gets tons of exposure but it's good news for the gaming industry as a whole: a highly requested game is being designed on a cost effective engine.

One of the biggest issues plaguing gaming lately is the bloat associated with a lot of AAA titles. So often we hear the misrepresented line "Video game development costs are rising at an astronomical rate." This is and is not true because video game development costs do not need to rise at an astronomical rate. A lot of it falls on poor money management and failure to utilize cost-effective middleware...and there are plenty of cost-effective middleware options.

Anyways, Brian Fargo, the head of inXile Entertainment, the developers working on the upcoming long-awaited RPG Wasteland 2, tweeted the following about the game's current development progress...
I can officially announce that we've chosen the Unity engine for Wasteland 2. It meets all the criteria we need. First screens looking good.

We've supported and promoted the Unity Engine quite a bit here for a number of reasons, but mainly because 1) it's an affordable engine that scales superbly and 2) developers can output games on-par to what you might find on the Unreal Engine 3 or CryEngine. That's a big deal.

Unity is also a prime culprit for many up-and-coming developers to use while working on demo projects, entry-level design concepts and prototype management. As mentioned, it's a highly scalable engine and this means that Wasteland 2 could potentially look as good as any other big-budget release depending on how the team handles assets and art.

What's more is that Unity has plug-in support for a number of other middleware tool suites, including expedited animation assets from Mixamo, as well as easy-to-use plot-and-graph procedures from xaitment, which can help designers quickly and efficiently produce high quality AI routines on the fly.

I'm just glad that not only has Wasteland 2 successfully managed to secure funding via KickStarter, but that Fargo and crew are making the most of their funds by investing them wisely into middleware tools that will not only cut down design time but also cut down on the cost of production.

You can learn more about Wasteland 2, which is also receiving a bit of help from Obsidian Entertainment, by paying a visit to the game's official website. You can also learn more about the Unity Engine by paying a visit to its official website.

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