During the final day of competition for Guilty Gear Xsrd SIGN at this year's EVO Championship Series, competitors Woshige and Ogawa were going head-to-head in the winners bracket. However, Woshige made one vital mistake: celebrating too early.

Check out the video captured by YouTuber rei336 below.

It's probably the longest minute of disappointment in Woshige's life.

Keep in mind that EVO features competitive eSports players from all over the world. As evidence here we have two top-tier players from Japan competing in the winners' bracket within the top eight. Just for reference, the top eight are the players who battled through everyone else and are the final players rallying to take home the prize money, a golden fightstick, and a trophy to signify their excellence in that game's field.

The crazy part about it is that all it took was one moment of breaking concentration for Woshige to get completely stomped. He stood up to cheer and was met with a righteous beatdown by Ogawa for his pre-win pop-off.

Unlike some other games, the life-damage in Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN is massive. So missing a single move or not blocking at the right moment will result in instant death, as shown in the video above. If this little incident occurred in Ultra Street Fighter IV there may have been an opportunity for Woshige to recover, but with Millia's low health and Guilty Gear's penchant for having a lot of unstoppable combos once they get going, it was over before Woshige could get his butt firmly planted back into the seat.

On the upside, since this was the winner's bracket it meant that he still had an opportunity to make a comeback through the loser's bracket. EVO's loser's bracket has always proved to be a very fascinating aspect of the series because we've seen some of the most heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat moments take place during EVO as an underdog rises through the loser's bracket and battles back to become the champion. One of the biggest comeback stories involved Justin Wong fighting through the grit in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 last year to take home the title of champ.

EVO is probably one of the most hyped moments in competitive gaming coming out of E3. The timing is likely intentional since a lot of gamers are still pumped up from big new announcements that occur in June and a lot of new revelations for games they can't wait to play. EVO takes place just one month removed from E3, so gamers have time to slightly calm down, gather their wits about them and then prep to make the journey to Las Vegas, Nevada where they compete to be the best in the world. In the case of Woshige, he managed to make a comeback and end up in third place through the loser's final. So it wasn't all bust for him.

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