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Blizzard unveiled the next new hero to join the Heroes of the Storm roster, and it's none other than the face of Overwatch, Tracer. The inclusion of the time-manipulating speedster has been met with a lot of praise from the HotS community.

PC Gamer caught wind of the new update coming for Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA featuring one of the heroes from Overwatch. The news spread like wildfire thanks to the announcement trailer that showcases Tracer in action, along with her new outfit and vehicle. Check it out below.

Just like in Overwatch, Tracer keeps her two laser pistols, and just like in Overwatch they don't do much damage. The highlight of her pistols, however, is that she can run while shooting, something other characters can't do. This could make Tracer one of the more dangerous opponents to face off against, since she can perpetually pepper opponents with the kind of annoying fire barrage to prevent them from getting anything done.

To make Tracer even more dangerous is the warping ability she has to zip and zoom around the battlefield quickly. This can be used to either avoid taking fire or to better position oneself to take down an enemy in Heroes of the Storm.

Several times throughout the video we see how Tracer can easily and conveniently move out of the way of incoming fire and re-position herself to punish an opponent from an advantageous position. What she lacks in firepower she more than makes up for with strategic zoning and constant damage drain. In a way, it's almost like she can be played just like her counterpart in Overwatch.

As far as moderate and heavy damage is concerned, she gets the mines that can be used to blast opponents off their feet, which is great for draining HP and knocking enemies off guard, or setting up a powerful team attack.

The time-bending speedster comes in a variety of flavorful colors, depending on your mood, and she also has some neat alternate outfits. Her Master Tracer getup looks like a more heavily armored, heavily weaponized version of her standard treads, and her Spectre outfit is a sleek, Warhammer 40k-looking armor set. She wears a mask and has some tubing flowing throughout the piece. It doesn't really look like a Heroes of the Storm piece but it looks good on Tracer.

While the character is known for zipping around arenas at high speeds, she won't be relying solely on her long legs and light-on-her-feet abilities to get around the maps of Heroes of the Storm. The time-bender will get her very own hover bike called the Phantom Mount. It looks really cool and definitely fits in line with the Overwatch themes. It makes you wonder if it might appear in Blizzard's first-person shooter at some point?

Tracer will make her debut in Blizzard's MOBA later in April with the next big content update patch.

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