Webzen has two new games lined-up to showoff at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, and while the finer points of both titles will only be on display for members of the press, gamers will still be able to learn more about both C9 and Arctic Combat.

Webzen's two new games are both online titles, the MOFPS Arctic Combat is basically a dead-ringer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare only set in the artic, but it still contains break-neck speed first-person shooting action and over-the-top team-based combat mechanics. The game will basically give gamers who wanted a more visually up-to-date version of Combat Arms plenty to play and enjoy within the comfort of a free-to-play model.

The other game from Webzen is the highly anticipated Continent of the Ninth Seal. This game is very intense looking and we've been hearing a lot about it since it has already made waves in Southeast Asia and China. It's very similar to devCat's physics-based MMO dungeon-crawler, Vindictus, insofar that all the battles take place in real-time and the combat is action-oriented with a deep requirement of hack-and-slash skills as opposed to number-spamming the keypad.

C9 is currently undergoing beta testing for its upcoming worldwide release, and Webzen is hosting a $10,000 tournament, which comes to a head at this year's E3. Unfortunately we haven't seen a whole lot of other content for the game but it's basically being labeled by many gamers as an equivalent to the visually splendid Blade & Soul...and any game that gets compared to Blade & Soul is at least worth a gander.

I'm sure additional assets and info will be made available for both C9 and Arctic Combat during or after E3. You can learn more about either game by paying a visit to the Official Webzen Website.

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