Last minute headlines for this week includes a possible Sons of Anarchy game, which has only gone as far as negotiations, but it's still fascinating news nonetheless. Activision gets caught in a bungled mess involving a supposed blacklisting that they vehemently deny. Rockstar trademarks GTA TV and we can only guess what that might be about. And Blizzard tells all of us to set our expectations low for Diablo won't be as big as the second coming of Jesus. These stories and more in this February 25th, 2012 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


Activision: Gameblog Blacklisting Was A Misunderstanding What do you think? Gameblog lied or Activision is just BS'ing with more PR BS?

WrestleFest Being Re-Released For iOS February 21st A classic arcade title makes a return to the ring this week.

Industry Blend: Freemium Games Need Offline Modes Wouldn't it be nice to play some of your favorite games long after the servers have gone offline?

Diablo 3 Skill, Rune Changes Revealed Blizzard makes some final adjustments to the runes and character skill sets in Diablo 3.

BioWare: Mass Effect 3 DRM Isn't Annoying Of course it isn't...DRM is there to help and befriend you.

Remedy: Alan Wake On PC Isn't A Cheap Cash-In That's really comforting to know as a PC gamer...right?

Call of Duty Confirmed For PS Vita Activision's $1 billion dollar franchise will be landing on the PS Vita.


Sleeping Dogs Gameplay Video Features Fighting, Motorcycles, Explosions Michael Bay 'Splosion FTW.

Skyrim Patch 1.4.26 Fixes Modding Bugs Having problems with a few of those mods you downloaded? Well, these fixes can help.

Barack Obama, Mitt Romeny Battle Orges In Dungeon Defenders Two of the heavyweight politicians do battle in Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders.

Day 1 Studios Announces Mech Game, Reign of Thunder Day 1 goes back to their roots, but not with a MechAssault game.

5th Cell: Shooters Wouldn't Hold Up In Side-By-Side Comparison To Hybrid I guess we'll soon find out if Hybrid is as unmatched as 5th Cell thinks.

Schafer Says Microsoft, Xbox Live Arcade Facing Mass Exodus Schafer and other devs think it's time for Microsoft to wake up and smell the exodus.

Retro City Rampage Confirmed For PS3, PS Vita This is the game to watch and this is an awesome showcase that you don't need millions to make a fun game.

Alan Wake On PC Is Profitable Remedy makes back their budget on the game and then sum in just one day.

SSX Demo Incoming Play the demo before buying the game and see if it's to your liking.


MechWarrior Tactics Arrives Later This Year For PC A brand new mech game is on the way for PC enthusiast who enjoy a little strategy with their 100 ton twisted metal.

Blizzard On Diablo 3: Lower Your Expectations It's not the second-coming...Blizzard wants you to know this. They hope you're disappointed, too.

Kung-Fu Strike Debut Gameplay Trailer Opens Up A Can Of Kick-Butt What happens when Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Mortal Kombat all jump into a blender together? This game is what happens.

GTA TV, Rockstar TV Trademarked Rockstar obviously has something television oriented planned in the future...right?

Aion Ascension Goes Free-To-Play This Spring NCSoft is taking one of their premier pay-to-play MMOs into free-to-play territory.

Secret World Gets Delayed To June Funcom delays the game...yet again.

Sins of A Dark Age Announced from the makers of th 4x strategy space game comes a medieval-fantasy strategy game.

Assassin's Creed Revelations Lost Archive DLC Gets A Release Date, Price Ubisoft unveils additional DLC for Assassin's Creed Revelations.

Spec Ops The line Release Date Revealed, Pre-Order Customers Get FUBAR DLC Free DLC with a pre-order? Well isn't that novel.

Skyrim Map App Now Available For iPhone, iPad Keep up to date on all the happenings with a new Skyrim map app for the iOS.

GameStop PS Vita Midnight Launch Locations Revealed Are you standing in line for your PS Vita? Find out when and where with the launch location countdown.


Birds Of Steel Release Date Set Konami's aerial sim gets an official release date.

MotorStorm RC Dated For PS3, PC A new racer has been dated for PC and PS3 gamers. Click the link for the details.

Battlefield 3 Aftershock Yanked From App Store EA pulls the app due to poor quality. Don't worry, they'll have another up soon.

Mass Effect 3 Unboxing Video Reveals FemShep Cover Check out the FemShep flip-over cover so the game can appeal to your asexual tastes.

Second NeverDead DLC Announced, First DLC Now Available Konami lets some news slip about some new DLC coming for their undead shooter.

Hurry To Join Guild Wars 2 Beta Event You only have 48 fast dear gamers.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Clan Operations Now Live For PS3, Xbox 360 Grab your clan and kick some butt with the new clan features in Modern Warfare 3.

Mass Effect 3 From Ashes DLC Adds New Companion EA and BioWare are making sure they cover absolutely every corner when it comes to DLC for the game.

Borderlands 2 Release Date, Premiere Club Announced Huge news here folks. Official release date and a brand new gameplay trailer for Borderlands 2.


5,000 Devs License HeroEngine Due To Star Wars The Old Republic Success That's a lot of devs jumping on the HeroEngine bandwagon.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Coming This Fall EA follows up with a sequel to Medal of Honor.

Jet Set Radio HD Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 Sega is reviving a classic for the current gen systems.

Mixamo Releases Free Maya, 3DSMax Scripts For Auto Rigging Characters Liked their microtransaction store? Well they have some more free goodies for your development needs.

Xaitment Unity Plug-Ins Now Available For $499.99. Map in some high-end AI for cheap with the new Xaitment Unity plug-in.

Mass Effect 3 Producer Defends Day-One DLC The debate heats up on whether the DLC is justified as a day one release or not.

Fray Pre-Order Bonus Revealed With Combat Screenshots

Win Counter Strike Global Offensive Beta Keys By Taking A Survey A simple survey and you land into the CS: GO beta?

Diablo 3 Art Contest Requests Portrait Champion A new contest to land a portrait for a champion.

SteelWar Online Newbie Pack Giveaway A nice little collection of awesome gear and gold for newbs.


Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Believing In Ghost Part 1 A brief walkthrough of what it means to be a Ghost as a Tier 1 operator.

EA Vets Form PixelFoundry Announce BlackSpace RTS Former EA vets are working on a next-gen RTS...intrigued?

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Behind-The-Scenes Video A quick glimpse at the kontent in Mortal Kombat Komplete.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Gets Brutal Trailer, PC Release Date Capcom does care about PC gamers after all.

KillZone 3 Multiplayer Free Download

Shadow Company: The Mercenary War Arriving In Late 2012 A new MOFPS from Doobic Game Studios and Nexon.

Guild Wars 2 Racks Up One Million Closed Beta Testers In just two days more than a million people signed up and tried to sign in.

Mass Effect 3 From Ashes DLC Details Released

Blizzard Says Diablo 3 In Great Shape, Seriously Expect Release Date Announcement Soon Well, at least you know they're working on it.

Dead Space Dev Working On Jack The Ripper Game New art assets are finally revealed for the long hidden killer game from the Dead Space devs.


Co-op Spotlight: Syndicate Co-Optimus gives a complete rundown of the cooperative title from EA, Syndicate.

Official Release Date For NCAA Football 13 Revealed The latest NCAA title gets an official release, find out when you can pick the game up from a local retailer.

Fex Set To Release In May The indie title appearing on the sub-platforms also has an official release date set.

Captain Morgane And The Golden Turtle Delayed While the other two news stories above are about release dates being set, this one is about a release date being delayed. Go figure.

Trine 2 To Receive Large DLC Pack This Summer The developers have some big plans in store for Trine 2 with a huge DLC pack this summer.

Arma 3 Publish Alpha Starts This Summer If ultra-realistic warfare is your thing, 505 Games has something right up your alley this summer. In other words, this ain't your son's Call of Duty game.

Sons of Anarchy Game In Negotiations Kurt Sutter himself reveals that a game is being primed for some actual development. Can I get a 'woot, woot'?

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out a new trailer for Sonic 4: Episode II below showing off a nice little reunion between old buddies. Enjoy.

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