This week was pretty big. We're already the second month into 2013 and we've already received some huge news regarding the biggest video game franchise in existence. That's right, Rockstar has confirmed the release date for Grand Theft Auto V, and it's actually closer to release with the next-gen consoles than it is in the traditional spring release. A new dinosaur hunting game is in the works called Orion: Dino Beatdown Jurassic Edition, which contains all sorts of new goodies, and the video games versus gun violence debate rages on, with a U.S. Senator saying that video games kill, not guns. These stories and more in this February 2nd, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Minecraft Gamers Make Working 8-Bit Computer Inside Minecraft You sort of have to read it to believe it.

Tomb Raider Preview Video Says Multiplayer Is Tacked-On You might have to play it for yourself to know whether or not it's true.

SuperBot Entertainment Hit With Layoffs After the recent release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the developer was recently hit with layoffs.

Convince Someone To Buy A Vita and You Both Earn Rewards It's like some sort of super special blackhole vortex that only spews out good things...I'm talking about Sony's PlayStation division, that is.

Cave Review: An Afternoon Delight Gaming Blend's Pete Haas has some kind words for the Double Fine Studios crew.

Vigil Games Pays Tribute To Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword While the studio may have dissolved they're still giving fans a little bit of something-something to hold on to.

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Demo Available To PS Plus Subscribers You can grab a playable demo of the latest Sly Cooper game right now if you're a PS Plus member.

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