This week was all about the financial scoreboard for Sony and the fate of the Xbox brand at Microsoft. We found out that the PlayStation 4 did well enough to stave off the chapter 11 in the book of Sony's legacy, and that the newly appointed CEO for Microsoft isn't dead-set on killing the Xbox brand the way a certain Stephen Elop had planned.

Sega also announced a new Sonic Boom for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, and Titanfall continues to make headlines as Microsoft prepares two patches in February and March for the Xbox One, even though the game is being delayed for the Xbox 360. These stories and more in this February 8th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Titanfall Pre-Order Bonuses Don't Include DLC Beta Keys Sorry, no betas for you!

Kinect Sports Rivals Could Be Fun, If Kinect Actually Worked Well here's a bit of problem with motion controls.

EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha Begins The NDA has been lifted... the NDA has been lifted!

Battlefield 4 Mantle Benchmarks Show 19% Performance Increase Pretty significant stuff for both low-end and high-end machines.

Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Unboxing Trailer Shows Off Exclusive Extras Check out what you'll get in the special boxed edition of the upcoming MMO from Bethesda.

Diablo 3 Players Have Designed Legendary Sword Check it out for yourself to see if it's worth the time of investment.

Xbox One Finally One-Ups PS4... Finally It only took a year, but Microsoft did it... woot, woot!

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