What a week, how sad. Lots of mind-shaking news took place this week, starting with Atari filing for bankruptcy in order to “separate” from the company into individual entities, and then this was followed by THQ completely biting the dust and having their assets auctioned off like prime veal at a meat market, sadly though Vigil Games didn't get an owner (as of the publishing of this article). And as if gaming journalism doesn't have enough problems, it turns out someone made up fake information to see if they could get it spread across the major gaming news sites and...it worked. Gaming journalism fails again. These stories and more, in this January 26th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Fallout 3 Actor Explains Alleged Fallout 4 Tease It's not all it appears to be.

Metal Gear Rising Could Have Starred Gray Fox What happened? Raiden dropped some thunder, that's what happened.

Blizzard's CCO Defends Jay Wilson, Says They're Listening To Diablo 3 Community It's not all bad and Blizzard really is listening to the fan base.

Dead Space 3 Demo Coming Next Week, Watch Gameplay Footage Now In preparation of the demo some new gameplay footage has been unleashed.

Unreported SimCity Bugs Can Get You Banned From Your Origin Account Kiss your EA games goodbye if they find out you've been exploiting bugs during the beta.

GTA V Pre-Order Earns You 1600 MS Points Well if that's not a benefit for pre-ordering I don't know what is.

DotA 2 Least Played Mode Encourages Players to Experiment Get rewarded for playing a mode you usually wouldn't play.

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