Two big games have been delayed this week. Ubisoft's hotly anticipated Watch Dogs was pulled from the fall line-up this year and pushed back to a spring 2014 release. The very troubled PS4 exclusive, Driveclub, was also hit with the delay hammer. To make up for the bad news Activision announced an Amazing Spider-Man 2 game... assuming movie-based games are considered good news. Also, the Wii U kicks back into action with a massive sales boost and showcasing an affinity toward more native 1080p, 60fps games than the PS4 and Xbox One. These stories and more in this October 19th edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Universum: Warfront Combines Every Action Genre Into One It's like the ultimate super-action game all rolled into one buttery mega-3D action experience. Check out the video to see just how epic this game is.

Batman Arkham Origins Mobile Game Announced A new mobile rendition of Arkham Origins is on the way.

Marvel Pinball: Zen Pinball 2 Gets Doctor Strange Table in December New tables are inbound for the indie pinball game that just keeps on giving back.

AMD Paid Up to $8 Million For Battelfield 4 Exclusivity AMD didn't get to where they are without a little pocket padding. They paid a hefty sum to EA for some Battlefield 4 exclusivity.

Skylanders Swap Force Now Available Activision has unleashed the latest in their Skylanders series.

Gamers, You Win: Total War Rome 2 Patched To Fix Every major Fail Creative Assembly put together their honor code and pulled up their breeches. They're in it to win your favor, not your hate.

State of Decay George Romero Mod Announced This is a sleek new mod for Undead Studios' State of Decay and it adds some much-needed excitement to the game.

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