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So we managed to get our hands on GTA V's assets and rummage through the files for details on the upcoming GTA Online mode, revealing some missions, options and features of the mode. Some of that stuff is trippy. Blizzard has announced that they will finally shut down the former bane of my existence: the Real-Money Auction House. This is great news for all those poor souls who were suckered into spending money in that money pit. The only downside is for the people who made a living out of flipping items on the RMAH... sorry, you've got to get a real job now. Also, we have up trailers and media from this year's Tokyo Game Show. These stories and more in this September 21st, 2013 edition of the Weekly Recap.

GTA V PC Release Date Website Is Fake While we all wish it was real, sadly it is not.

GTA V Xbox 360 Cheat Codes, Achievements Listed Check out all the achievements and some of the codes leaked for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Killzone Mercenary Online Stats and Words of Wisdom Gaming Blend's Ryan Winslett lets loose some words of wisdom for for KZ: Mercenary players.

Warframe Updates With Shadows of the Dead Content Digital Extremes lets loose some new content for the free-to-play shooter.

GTA 5 Sells Out On Amazon UK Just ahead of release Rocktsar's prime-time AAA blockbuster manages to move big numbers on Amazon UK.

King of Fighters XIII Now Kicking it on Steam SNK's popular niche fighter has officially launched for PC on Steam.

GTA V Leaked Footage Confirms Current Gen Console Limitations All the worries that we had about the game running on current gen hardware are confirmed.

Gta V Leaked Xbox 360 Data Reveals PC, PS4 Build Code This could be huge for PC gamers.

Sony Isn't Banning PS3 Gamers Playing GTA V Early Well that's mighty nice of them.

Firefall PVP Being Removed For the time being, the developers want to revamp and reorganize their efforts with the MMOTPS/FPS.

Battlefield 4 Beta Release Date Announced The official beta for Battlefield 4 has been set in stone.

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Level 20 Impressions After trudging through 20 levels of the game, here are the impressions of the MMORPG.

Rockstar Warns Against Installing Both GTA 5 Xbox 360 Discs Only one at a time, good gamer.

Deadly Premonition and Killer is Dead Arrive on Games on Demand The two Japanese-made games that divided critics

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Paragon 2.0 System Clarified By Blizzard The new Paragon 2.0 system gets a bit of an explanation and clarification from Blizzard.

Detective Case And Clown But: Murder At Hotel In Lisbon Comes to Steam Greenlight A wacky new game finds its way onto Steam's Greenlight.

XCOM Enemy Within Makes You Fear The Seeker A new enemy has been revealed for the latest XCOM game.

Mutant Football League Hits Kickstarter, Xbox One, PS4 Versions Possible A next-gen version of one of the best football games from the 16-bit era ever made? Count me in.

Spelunky Hints & Tips The official PS Blog rolls out some hints and tips for the game Spelunky.

GTA 5 iFruit App Files Confirm GTA 5 PC Assets Well that's embarrassing... for Rockstar!

EA Appoints CEO Andrew Wilson Following in the footsteps of the departure of John Riccitiello, EA appoints Andrew Wilson as the new head honcho.

Xbox One Ryse Son of Rome Downgraded From 1080p to 900p So what happened? Well, the smoke and mirrors didn't quite pay off the way Microsoft thought.

Diablo 3 RMAH Shuts Down in March, 2014 Well this is grand news for everyone who lost money on this thing, but it's also bad news for the people who used the RMAH to flip items and turn it into a full time job.

GTA 5 Now Available For Xbox 360, PS3 The biggest game of the seventh gen of gaming has launched.

Digital Foundry Confirms GTA 5 Framerate Asset Issues For Current Gen After a thorough breakdown of the game, it's found out that yes, GTA V pushes well beyond the limits of current gen console limitations.

Indie RPG Bundle Offers 13 Games For Pay What You Want Prices Does it really get any better than this? Winning a million dollars, maybe. Still, it doesn't get any better than this... unless of course, we're talking winning a million dollars.

Liberty City Stories, ICO Hit PlayStation Plus Some of the most beloved video games from nearly two generations ago have become available on the PlayStation Plus.

Urban Trial Freestyle Races Onto Steam After a short delay the game is now available on Valve's digital distribution platform.

Candle, 24 other games greenlit for Steam A collection of some of the most absurd, wacky and out-there games have been greenlit for Steam.

Guns & Robots Gets Roadmap for Upcoming Content Updates Some new updates are inbound for Guns & Robots.

Xbox One Japanese Exclusives Inbound Microsoft is securing some first-class, first-party Japanese exclusives for the Xbox One.

Warhammer Online Shutting Down, Free-to-Play Switch Cancelled Even after making some adjustments, it just wasn't enough to keep WHO alive.

Humble Indie Bundle 9 Adds Bastion, Limbo The Humble Bundle continues to grow, expand and evolve with bigger, better and more advanced indie games. I hope they soon add Mount Your Friends – no humble bundle will be complete until they add that game.

Steam Box Announcement Coming Soon? Perhaps, perhaps not. It all depends and comes down to the Gaben.

GTA 5 Sales Hit $800 Million on Launch Day Nearly a $1 billion in just a day. That's got to be some kind of record somewhere, right?

GTA 5 PS3 Cheat Codes The list of known codes for the PS3 version of GTA 5.

Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Isn't Tacked On So says Rocksteady. Also, the trailers make it look very convincing and I'm willing to believe it's not a tacked-on, last minute thing.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Offers Special Characters For Pre-Order Day one buyers who pre-order will gain access to special characters.

Walking Dead Vets Form Game Studio After gaining some massive success with the award winning Walking Dead, the veterans have formed a new studio.

GTA Online Mode Supports 32 Players, Multiplayer Activities Listed Some amazing new details have emerged from the files of GTA V that reveals some interesting details on GTA Online.

PC Horror Game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Gets Screenshots Check out the new batch of screenshots for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Soul Calibur Lost Swords is a F2P Solo Fighter for PS3 Namco Bandai is still experimenting with the fighting game genre and Soul Calibur.

Dark Souls 2 Arrives March 11th, US Collector Edition and Black Armor Edition Available The pre-order floodgates have opened and you can grab the limited edition copies while supplies last.

GTA 5 XML Code Points to Exclusive PC Feature; PC Was Lead Platform? Even more details point to some pretty big information regarding the PC version of GTA V

PS4 Continues to Dominate Xbox One in Polls, Pre-Orders Sony's next-gen console continues to control the ebb and flow of gamer appeal in the pre-console war trials.

Battlefield 4 Battlelog Improvements Announced By DICE New improvements and updates are on the way for DICE's new gen shooter and the multiplayer network that powers it.

CLANG Put on Hold, Kickstarter Money Runs Out It was ambitious... too ambitious. Well, at least they tried.

Steam Box Coming in 2014 It's not even a secret anymore, but the details aren't out just yet.

Legend of the Raven Offers VO Contest With Super Short Deadline There's an opportunity to be a part of the upcoming PS Vita fighting game, but you're probably already too late.

GTA 5 Sales Reach $1 billion Less than three days on the market and the game eats up $1 billion in sales. That kind of record is throw-up-your-hands and shake-your-head worthy.

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Announced EA and Maxis aren't done milking – oops, I mean offering you new and exciting play experiences with SimCity.

DotA 2 First Blood Update Unleashes GlaDOS That evil robot devil from Portal makes the leap to Valve's MOBA title.

Sony Details Next Gen Game Upgrade Plan Learn about upgrading from PS3 to PS4 games with Sony's new upgrade plan.

Electronic Theatre Previews Ryse: Son of Rome Find out how well the game holds up to the hype and whether or not it plays as well as it looks.

Deep Down on PlayStation 4 Will Be Free-to-Play I bet you didn't see that coming, eh?

La Mulana 2 Releasing in 2014 The indie title is set to arrive next year.

Total War Rome 2 Co-op Review How well did Co-optimus like Creative Assembly's latest effort and how well does the co-op stack up amidst some of the controversy surrounding the game? Click the link to find out.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. Check out the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XV below, fresh off its showing at the Tokyo Game Show this year. Enjoy.

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