So we managed to get our hands on GTA V's assets and rummage through the files for details on the upcoming GTA Online mode, revealing some missions, options and features of the mode. Some of that stuff is trippy. Blizzard has announced that they will finally shut down the former bane of my existence: the Real-Money Auction House. This is great news for all those poor souls who were suckered into spending money in that money pit. The only downside is for the people who made a living out of flipping items on the RMAH... sorry, you've got to get a real job now. Also, we have up trailers and media from this year's Tokyo Game Show. These stories and more in this September 21st, 2013 edition of the Weekly Recap.

GTA V PC Release Date Website Is Fake While we all wish it was real, sadly it is not.

GTA V Xbox 360 Cheat Codes, Achievements Listed Check out all the achievements and some of the codes leaked for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Killzone Mercenary Online Stats and Words of Wisdom Gaming Blend's Ryan Winslett lets loose some words of wisdom for for KZ: Mercenary players.

Warframe Updates With Shadows of the Dead Content Digital Extremes lets loose some new content for the free-to-play shooter.

GTA 5 Sells Out On Amazon UK Just ahead of release Rocktsar's prime-time AAA blockbuster manages to move big numbers on Amazon UK.

King of Fighters XIII Now Kicking it on Steam SNK's popular niche fighter has officially launched for PC on Steam.

GTA V Leaked Footage Confirms Current Gen Console Limitations All the worries that we had about the game running on current gen hardware are confirmed.

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