This week was dominated by Valve and their big three announcements. They weren't just any kind of announcements either, they're market-changing, game-changing, industry-shaping announcements. The first was for the SteamOS, a brand new operating system that's open to everyone. The second was the Steam Machines, better known around these parts as a Steam Box and the third was for a Steam controller. Following in the shadow of these news bits was a Nosgoth MMO based around Legacy of Kain and the fact that mobile gaming is failing in the eyes of developers. These stories and more in this September 28th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

AiRace Speed Review How well does the fast-flying racer for the Nintendo 3DS hold up? Check out Ryan's full review.

Hyper Light Drifter Everworld Island Land On Steam's Greenlight Several really cool games make an appearance on Steam's Greenlight.

GOG Celebrates Birthday With Free Game Discounts A free game and additional game discounts. Could you possibly ask for anything more?

Beyond: Two Souls Cost $27 Million to Develop Opposite GTA V's massive $265 million dollar budget, David Cage and crew managed to churn out Beyond for barely a fraction of the cost.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Operation Bravo Goes Live More content has been released to the public to celebrate the modding community.

Fighter Attitude Adds New Content The developer has also registered to become a Nintendo Wii U developer.

Japan Surpasses America In Mobile Game Spending Startling stats on how despite having fewer mobile phones, Japanese spend more money on apps for their phones.

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