A new MMO from NCSoft is on the way called WildStar Online, it seems to be a mix of Western Sci-Fi as a “motley crew” of unlikely aliens (and humans) get to together to try to colonize a new planet, until a planet-conquering race known as The Dominion decide to invade the new planet called Nexus.

The “Meet the Exiles” trailer has recently gone live and you can check it out below, as it introduces players to the group of playable races in the game.

WildStar was originally announced way back in 2011during GamesCom, but it went dark shortly thereafter and hasn't been in the media spotlight until recently.

The game is planned to head into testing this year and gamers interested in the title can sign-up for the beta.

Unsurprisingly enough, this game took a backseat while NCSoft polished up their other prime-time MMOs, specifically Guild Wars 2, which managed to turn a pretty penny for the company, racking up $109 million in the second quarter alone.

Will WildStar pick up the same following of gamers? Highly unlikely. Still, the cartoony art-style and hopefully engaging gameplay will keep it around for a while. You can learn more or sign-up for the beta by visiting the Official Website.

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