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Chris Roberts, the designer behind the Wing Commander and Privateer series, announced at GDC Austin today that he's making a new space sim. Star Citizen is in development for the PC at Robert's new studio Imperium Games.

Star Citizen lets player hop into a starship and explore a vast universe. They can become smugglers, pirates, merchants or bounty hunters. It can be played online or off-line. The game's website says it will support mods as well as the Oculus Rift headset.

The game can be played offline or online. You won't need a subscription to participate in multiplayer. Instead, you pay for the game with a one-time fee. You can also purchase virtual customization items with real-world money if you wish.

Citizen won't have a traditional publisher. It also won't rely on Kickstarter funds. Instead, Imperium has launched its own crowd-funding site. They're hoping to raise $2 million for the game in the next month. Thus far they've received over $128,000.

Roberts said at GDC that the game is about two years from release. However, gamers who donate to the project will be able to try it out in a year. These early backers will also get a $20 discount on the game's $60 price.

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