Witcher, the best PC role-playing game adaptation of a Polish medieval fantasy novel series ever, just got a wave of new content today. Developer CD Projekt RED STUDIO has released a patch, game editor, and adventure module on the Witcher website and it's all free, baby.

Patch 1.3 resolves a bunch of game bugs and also adds new animations and NPC models. The patch also comes with The Price of Neutrality, a new Witcher adventure containing about two hours of additional gameplay. The official patch notes state that 1.3 is only "partially compatible with saved games from previous versions," so you might be better off finishing your game with an older version before you download the patch.

Players can download the D'jinni adventure beta editor separately to create their own adventure modules as well. It's no surprise they'd eventually give editing tools to gamers, given the fact that Witcher uses the same engine as Neverwinter Nights. There's no word yet on whether additional "official" adventure modules will be sold for a few bucks a pop in the future like NWN or if they'll continue to be free.

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