Subscribe To Wonderland Online New Map Surfaces With Version 5.0 Updates
IGG has revealed the new map for Wonderland Online and it’s called Rome…yep, Rome. In addition to the map there is an epic-sized new quest called the Golden Treasure.

According to the press release…
No doubt the name alone would be reason enough to give this quest a try, but it's the unpredictability that keeps bringing players back for more. Once players walk through the cave entrance, they will be placed at the beginning of a randomly generated maze that will be different every time you walk through the front door. Once inside, there is no other choice but to attempt to navigate your way through, as even the entrance will be removed.

Puzzles and twisted mazes await players in the Golden Treasure quest, which sort of sounds like a day at the desk, going over taxes. Anyway, gamers who think they can brave the quest can look for it in Rome. Need more information on Wonderland Online? Be sure to head on over to the Official Website.

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