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The World Ends With You's re-release on iOS wasn't the end of Square Enix's plans for the series. A teaser image at the end of the remake hinted at a full-fledged sequel to the RPG.

The image shows a new character standing in the Shibuya district. The tower behind her says "new 7 days." This indicates that the Reapers' Game lives on, and players will control this mysterious new contestant.

The Reapers' Game, introduced in the first World, takes place in an alternate dimension of the real world. The recently deceased must complete a series of challenges. If they succeed, they'll be brought back to life. If not, they'll die permanently.

The iOS edition, called the The World Ends With You: Solo Remix, has been rebuilt with HD visuals and an extended soundtrack. Head-to-head multiplayer, Twitter support, and Friend card trading are also featured as well. You can purchase it through the App Store for $18 on iPhone or $20 on iPad.

I assumed Square would wait and see how the iOS version sells before greenlighting a sequel. This teaser image seems to suggest that they've already committed to it, though.

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