World of Tanks is set to get just a little bit bigger with Update 8.2, which will introduce rolling Chinese battle machines to the armored war game MMO.

For the uninitiated, World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game that puts players behind the controls of actual tanks rather than behind the barrel of a machine gun. The tank on tank action features some of the most popular rolling fortresses the world has ever known and, with Update 8.2, some of the most famous members of the Chinese tank family will be joining in on all of the fun.

With Update 8.2, World of Tanks players will have access to 17 Chinese tanks, as well as an all new tech tree with modifications for the existing American, British, French and Soviet tanks already available in the game. This is an especially sweet update for tank aficionados, as several of the Chinese tanks on offer never actually went into mass production.

“The Chinese not only produced their own tanks, but also evolved their own unique designs through the modification and improvement of some of the best foreign machines on the planet,” said World of Tanks producer Mike Zhivets. “The time has come for the Chinese to show their technical achievements. So, prepare to face the speed, hardiness and firepower of the best of the People's Liberation Army.”

No word yet on a release date for the Chinese tank invasion, but you can keep your browser tuned to the Wargaming website for a heads up as soon as Update 8.2 is made available.

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