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It looks like Wargaming is ready to take its armored vehicle combat title, World of Tanks, to the next level, announcing the formation of a professional eSports League for the game. And the answer is, yes, those who participate can absolutely answer the question “what do you do for a living” with “Oh, nothing much. I just drive tanks...Professionally.”

World of Tanks is like any other massively multiplayer third-person shooter, if any other massively multiplayer third-person shooter allowed you to cruise around the battlefield in hulking, rolling war machines. Players coordinate plans with their teammates and work together to outmaneuver and overpower the enemy army. It's heavy on tactics if you're playing it correctly, making World of Tanks an ideal fit for a professional eSport.

According to a statement made by Wargaming, “with the new professional eSports league, the company aims to become a key player in the competitive gaming realm by introducing its unique team-based, strategy-focused gameplay to the world of professional gaming, as well as expand the Wargaming brand to new gamers, fans and professional eSports players.”

The league is set to launch some time during the first quarter of this year and will run under a format similar to other popular eSports, beginning with regular regional tournaments and playoffs leading up to the Grand Finals. With $2.5 million in prize money on the line for the 2013 season, it looks like Wargaming is taking that whole “professional” bit seriously.

For more information on World of Tanks or to jump into this free-to-play combat game yourself, visit the official website.