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Treadheads who don’t have an iDevice lying around have a lot to be thankful for today as Wargaming announces the launch of World of Tanks Blitz for the Android market. It’s all of the big tank battle you love of the online game, crammed into the palm of your hand.

It’s taken a while for World of Tanks Blitz to hit Android devices, having launched on iOS earlier this year. But the wait is finally over, as Wargaming’s extremely deep mobile app is finally ready to head to the trenches on more devices than ever. It’s a free-to-play action MMO, just like its big brother on the PC and, alongside the iOS version, has been updated with new British tanks, crew skills, a brand new map and even cross-platform play.

“We are thrilled to release World of Tank Blitz to Android users and continue to deliver AAA MMOs in the competitive mobile space,” said Wargaming Director of Global Operations, Andrey Ryabobol. “Since the initial launch on iOS, we have worked to build the Android version based on player feedback and we are extremely happy to provide cross platform play between android and iOS users.”

That’s a pretty rad bit of functionality, actually. I mean, could you imagine if the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One could play nice when it comes to multiplatform games? Not gonna happen, no, but it would be pretty rad if they could figure it out.

For those unfamiliar with the series, World of Tanks proper is a massive online game that lets players build up their own tank arsenal, equip them with the best gear, choose skilled drivers and hen join their teammates on massive battlefields where strategy and skill reign supreme. The Blitz version of the game lives up to the moniker in that it shrinks the entire experience down for a mobile market. The options and modes aren’t robust, but all of the basic functionality is there and maps and gameplay has been streamlined to allow for quicker showdowns. Games can last quite a while on the PC version of the game when two competitive teams are squaring off but, for Blitz, you can jump in, have an explosive battle and get back out within a handful of minutes.

As mentioned above, the Android game will launch as version 1.5, which the iOS version is updating to on this very day. You’ll get a line of 10 British medium tanks to pilot, a new Winter Malinovka map and more. And if you’re worried about finding a game on day one, the iOS version has already amassed an army of 10 million players, so full lobbies are waiting for new recruits.

Ready to enlist? Then head on over to the Google Play Store and roll out.

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