The gang over at Wargaming sure does mean business when it comes to updating their titles. It feels like a new update sporting fresh content and upgrades is announced every few weeks and, today, said announcement is for Update 8.7. Unsurprisingly, it adds new tanks, a new map and, yep, some of those upgrades I was just talking about.

While I'm sure many console gamers typically see these announcements for the PC-centric World of Tanks and move on without giving it a second thought, those of you gaming on the Xbox 360 might want to bend your ear. As you may or may not remember, World of Tanks was announced for the Xbox 360 during this year's E3, and we can only imagine that, if this latest version of the PC version isn't part of the package, then these are likely goodies you'll be getting your hands on at some point down the line.

A free-to-play MMO, World of Tanks ditches the ground troops, twitch reflexes and large arsenal of rifles, pistols and the like in order to replace them with giant rolling machines of destruction. But just because you're cruising around in tanks doesn't mean you won't need to rely on strategy, careful planning, teamwork and steady aim to pull off a victory.

Matches take place across massive, sprawling maps fleshed out with rolling hills, farmsteads, trees, bodies of water and the occasional country village. If it's in your way, roll over it or blow it to pieces. If there's an enemy nearby, destroy them first, then maybe roll over the tiny farmhouse as a quick victory dance.

Unlike the more fast-paced team-based shooters like the Call of Duty series, World of Tanks has a much heavier emphasis on thoughtful progression and working with your fellow team members. You can fly solo if you want, but it's usually the squad that works together the best that pull off the win. Each tank has a major strength and a major weakness, so knowing where your roll is in these massive wars is what will make you a better asset to your team.

Speaking of all of those tanks, update 8.7 features a couple of new rollers on offer when it hits the U.S. sometime tomorrow, July 25.

“Update 8.7 introduces a brand new branch of British self-propelled guns, including the iconic Sexton, Bishop and the Crusader, just to name a few,” reads a statement from Wargaming. “A number of post-World War II prototypes take their place in the middle tiers, while the intimidating Conqueror Gun Carriage become the Tier 10 arty.”

The Soviet light tank T-50-2 will replace the Tier 6 MT-25 in this update, offering better mobility and more horsies running under the hood.

Finally, update 8.7 will provide visual enhancements for the Highway and Harbour maps, as well as throw in the brand new winter map, Belogorsk-19.

To jump into the free-to-play action, visit the World of Tanks official website. For the upcoming Xbox 360 version, you can read all about the upcoming beta here.

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