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World Of Warcraft Garrison Mobile App Is Ultimate Time Saver

The new player-run garrisons in World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor require a fair amount of micromanagement. You can cut down on some of the time investment through a new mobile app.

Garrisons allow you to send your NPC followers off on missions and direct your workers to gather raw materials. Each mission or work order unfortunately operates on a different length timer. This works in Blizzard's favor, as it keeps players regularly engaged with the day. In the past, they've used daily quests and dungeon rewards to ensure that players log in at least once a day. However, with garrison work orders and missions completing every half hour or hour, players are encouraged to keep logging into WoW throughout the day to check on their garrison's operations.

However, this situation isn't great for players looking to be productive outside of World of Warcraft. They'll log in to check on their follower missions and decide, "Hey, I guess I'll run a random dungeon" or "I wonder if that rare spawn is up now?" A way to keep track of all these timers without logging into the game was sorely needed.

Fortunately, Wowhead's Garrison Timer mobile app fills that need. You can manually enter missions and work orders into the app and then be notified when they're done. The app is able to adjust its timers if you have a follower with the Epic mount ability, which cuts the time of missions in half. It also keeps track of queues of multiple work orders, letting you know when the full set is done.

The date entry required to update these timers in the mobile app is the only downside. There's a quicker way to do it, though. Wowhead also released a helpful add-on for the game that generates a QR code you can scan with your mobile device to update these timers instantly.

The Garrison Timer app is currently available through the Google Play store for Android devices. An iOS version is coming soon as well.

"We've submitted it for review several days ago, but due to the weekend, review times are longer and we expect it to be available within 3-4 days," said a new post on Wowhead's main blog. "We'll make another post notifying everyone when it's available with a link."

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