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Blizzard opened up pre-purchases for World of Warcraft: Legion today. They also confirmed when you can expect the expansion pack to launch worldwide.

As it turns out, last night's leak was accurate. Blizzard estimates that the expansion will be available on or before September 21, 2016. As I said yesterday, though, this doesn't mean we'll have to wait that long. They released Warlords of Draenor a month earlier than their date they provided when they first opened up pre-purchases for that expansion. Either way, though, we've got a long wait ahead of us before Legion arrives.

There are two editions available for pre-purchase: the $49.99 Standard Edition and $69.99 Digital Deluxe Edition. The latter will unlock the following in-game items for Blizzard games:
  • World of Warcraft - Illidari Felstalker Mount and Nibbles Pet—Stalk the invading demonic forces atop one of the Burning Legion's own twisted hounds of war, and summon a delightfully demented companion to keep you warm by the fel fire—both available immediately upon pre-purchase.
  • Heroes of the Storm - Felstalker Mount—Charge down the lanes of the Nexus and wreak havoc on the opposing team astride this fierce fanged terror.
  • StarCraft II - Fel Protoss Portraits—Take back Aiur in infernal style with psionic-infused StarCraft II portraits of Illidan and Gul'dan.
  • Diablo III - Wings of the Betrayer—Equip your hero with Illidan's wings and strike terror into the hearts of Sanctuary's demons.
Retailers will also offer an $89.99 Collector's Edition with all of the Digital Deluxe Edition bonuses as well as other extras. Blizzard says that these items include a hardcover art book, behind-the-scenes Blu-ray/DVD set, CD soundtrack and Legion-themed mouse pad.

Anyone who pre-purchases Legion will get early access to the Demon Hunter class as well. The leaked image from last night said that players would get to play a Demon Hunter a week before the expansion's launch. However, today's announcement simply says that "early access timing will be announced at a later date." You'll be able to have one Demon Hunter character per realm but only on realms where you already have a level 70+ character.

Blizzard previously announced that anyone who buys Legion will get an instant level 100 character boost for one character. If you're pre-purchasing, you can get this boost and use it right away. The boost comes with level-appropriate gear and will also raise your professions to 70 if the boosted character was previously level 60+. This tutorial explains how exactly the process will work:

Legion will pit players against a new demonic invasion of Azeroth. The expansion will take level 100+ players to the Broken Isles to combat this new threat. Players will also get access to new artifact weapons as well as class-specific headquarters.
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