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As promised, Blizzard unveiled the cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria today at Gamescom 2012. It introduces the expansion pack in a way that might make long-time Blizzard fans nostalgic.

The trailer opens with a fierce naval battle between Horde and Alliance warships. The two ships quickly destroy each other. A pair of survivors - an orc and human - wash ashore on a mysterious island and begin to fight each other with improvised weapons. Their brawl is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a Pandaren monk.

The scenario reminds me of the first cinematic from WC3. In that video, an orc and human were fighting until an Infernal shows up and kills both of them. The Pandaria trailer is not quite as dark, though; the Pandaren merely pummels each of the combatants to teach them a lesson, and then heads off to do chores.

Mists of Pandaria has been criticized for its cutesy, Kung Fu Panda-like tone. The humorous tone of this trailer will not combat those criticisms. However, it does convey the exotic nature of the new continent, Pandaria, that players will explore. These new lands are completely unlike anything players have seen in the previous eight years of the MMO.

Blizzard will release Pandaria at the end of September. The expansion can be pre-ordered in three different editions.

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