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World of Warcraft's fourth expansion pack Mists of Pandaria is now available throughout Europe. Blizzard held midnight launch events throughout the continent so gamers could get the new content right away.

Pandaria introduces an all-new continent of the same name. This mysterious new land, home to the Pandarens, will be fought over by both the Alliance and Horde. Unlike previous expansion packs, there's no established "big bad guy" for MoP. Instead, Blizzard wants to emphasize the conflict between the two factions.

That's not to say that this is a PvP-only expansion, though. Pandaria will provide gamers with new quests, raids, dungeons and more. The level cap is being expanded to 90 and the talent systems have been completely reworked. New challenge dungeons will test you to complete instances as quickly as possible, while pet battles provide a new minigame with collectibles.

The expansion also brings new character options. Horde and Alliance players alike will be able to create Pandaren characters. They can also make use of a new class called Monks. This class is capable of DPS, healing, or tanking depending on their spec.

Pandaria will launch in North America at 12PM PST, or 3AM EST. The expansion pack can be purchased in digital or boxed form. If you're particularly hardcore, you can splurge on a Digital Deluxe or Collector's Edition of the game.

For an overview of what to expect from the expansion pack, check out the new trailer from Blizzard below.

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