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World of Warcraft's Patch 6.1 is almost here. Blizzard confirmed the major update's release date with a new trailer that also explores many of its features.

Patch 6.1, arriving on February 24th, is the first content update to WoW since expansion Warlords of Draenor went live. It will continue the Legendary ring quest chain introduced at launch. After players complete the steps in Blackrock Foundry, they'll be able to hunt down one of Gul'dan's minions. By completing the new stages in the quest, you'll unlock a Legendary minion for your Garrison. This follower is Garona, a half-orc rogue with a very colorful past. She has a unique trait called Master Assassin that improves the success rate of any follower mission she embarks on.

Garrisons will also get a few new activities. An NPC will visit each day with a daily quest. The rewards for these quests include gear, pets and crafting materials. You can also earn items that let you summon raid bosses inside your garrison.

The patch also overhauls the Heirloom system. Players will be able to access all of these experience-boosting items through an account-wide collection so they won't take up any bag space. Heirlooms can also be upgraded so they're effective up until level 100. If you acquire 35 heirlooms, you'll unlock a mount usable at level 1.

The Darkmoon Faire will have new event for visitors: racing. Players will try to complete a course as quickly as possible while avoiding hazards. The faster the course is complete, the better the rewards.

Blizzard is making several technical updates in Patch 6.1 as well. Blood elves characters' models are being revamped to look as sharp as other updated races. New visual options for lighting and anti-aliasing will let players with high-end video cards enjoy better graphics.

Colorblind players, meanwhile, will have new options to help them play the game. There are three different colorblind filters to choose from, along with sliders that let players adjust their strength. Players can also utilize new text tooltips to help them differentiate between item quality levels and character factions.

Maybe the oddest feature in Patch 6.1, though, is Twitter integration.

"Once you’ve authenticated the app, you can initiate a new Tweet by typing /share into chat, or by clicking the small share icon that’ll appear in-chat next to Achievement and item drop notifications," Blizzard said. "You can also add an Achievement or item directly to a Tweet with the Twitter UI open by shift+clicking the Achievement or item."

If you don't want to wait until next week to play Patch 6.1, there's a way to test it now. The update is available on the public testing realm now.