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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor's patch 6.2.2 is now live. The update introduces, among other things, flying in the zones throughout Draenor.

You'll be able to take to the skies with your flying mounts as long as you've completed the meta-Achievement "Draenor Pathfinder." It's a long process that involves questing, finding treasures and grinding the Patch 6.2 reputations. You can find a full guide to unlocking "Pathfinder" here. Fortunately, you only need to earn the meta-Achievement once to make flying available on all your level 90+ characters.

Although flying mounts have been a part of every previous WoW expansion pack, Blizzard didn't allow their use in Warlords of Draenor. They felt that the game would be more enjoyable if players were forced to stick to the ground. The only flying to date was from special items like Aviana's Feather or set flight paths.

Blizzard went so far as to say that flying mounts wouldn't be part of future expansions, either. This resulted in a huge backlash - and rightly so, considering how much time players put into collecting flying mounts over the past few years. In some cases, they had to complete rare Achievements, pay tons of gold, or fork over actual cash for these mounts. It seemed like Blizzard was tossing out the baby with the bathwater.

Ultimately Blizzard caved and announced that they would introduce flying mounts to Draenor with Patch 6.2.2. They felt that requiring players to earn "Draenor Pathfinder" is an effective compromise for this expansion and future ones:
We believe this [meta-achievement] strikes the right balance between ensuring ground-based content lives up to its full potential, while providing players who’ve already fully experienced Draenor’s outdoor world extra freedom to 'break the rules.'

This also provides a general blueprint going forward for content to come. Players will explore new and undiscovered lands from the ground, and then once they’ve fully mastered those environments—a notion that continues to evolve with each new expansion—they can take to the skies and experience the world from a new vantage point.

While Draenor flying is the biggest feature of Patch 6.2.2, it's not the only one. The patch also brings Mercenary Mode, a new way to keep queue times manageable for Ashran and unrated Battlegrounds. When your faction is experiencing a long wait for these PvP activities, you can temporarily join the other side of the war. For the duration of the Battleground or Ashran match, you'll be disguised as a member of the opposite faction. While fighting for the other team, you'll still be able to earn rewards aside from faction-specific Achievements.

You can find the full list of other Patch 6.2.2 changes, which include Hellfire Citadel fixes and new Timewalking rewards, at

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