World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor beta testers noticed that some guild perks are missing in the expansion pack. Blizzard clarified today that they're making huge changes to the guild leveling systems.

Guild levels were introduced in Cataclysm to reward active guilds that worked together. It also gave these players long-term goals to pursue. Each new level gave them new perks, like faster mount speeds and Mass Resurrection.

However, there was a flipside to the guild levels. They ensured that brand-new guilds started at a disadvantage. While Blizzard has made it easier to level guilds through measures like removing the weekly cap on progress, the company says that these solutions weren't fixing the true problem. Their permanent solution is to "effectively remove guild leveling."

"Many perks can just be rolled into default behaviors, since a majority of players already had them and the world was designed and tuned around their existence: Flight path taxis can just inherently move 25% faster instead of requiring 'Ride Like the Wind'; Honor rewards and item costs can be balanced as if you had 'Honorable Mention'; and so forth," reads a dev post on the forums. "For most players, who are in max-level guilds, nothing should perceptibly change."

Blizzard says that the Cash Flow perk will be eliminated, though. Cash Flow donates bonus money to the guild bank every time a member picks up money in the world, ostensibly to help the guild deal with expenses like raid repairs. However, the developers say that this perk has resulted in some "degenerate" behavior among players.

"If you've made an alt lately, you've probably noticed that you can't go more than a minute or two without receiving a guild invite - typically from "leaders" who are looking to recruit armies of often-unwitting players to both level guilds for later sale, and to increase the amount of Cash Flow gold that is siphoned into coffers to which only they have access. It can be a meaningful amount of gold for one player's pockets, but for something like a raiding guild, Cash Flow gold barely makes a dent in something like total repair costs."

They're planning to keep many other Cataclysm guild features. Benefits like increased mount speed, Mass Resurrection, and instant guild mail will be exclusive to guilds. Guild Achievements and their associated rewards will remain as well.

I'm glad that many of the benefits of guilds are remaining intact. Being able to resurrect a whole group of guildmates at once or ride across the world quicker are serious time-savers. The Guild Achievements celebrate all the things your group's been together, too.

Warlords of Draenor is making several other sweeping changes to the game. Blizzard is removing many class abilities to make room for new ones. They also intend to disable flying mounts for the new zones.

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