The debut teaser for the game XI: Continuum has launched, giving players a very basic look at what they can expect from the third-person indie title that seems to be a cross between The Void, The Matrix and the game Normality.

I have no idea what the game is actually about other than that you probably take control of the chick in the purple shirt and go around avoiding goths like the one who throws you to the ground and grins devilishly at the end of the teaser trailer. It also looks like you encounter people like television-head and an old geezer who sits on top of some erect debris.

Yeah, really confused about it all.

Apparently this game is the sequel to the original title XI, another game I've never heard of. It had 600,000 concurrent players but it must have been one of those uber niche titles.

I'm curious if this game will make a dent as it looks very weird but could prove to be interesting if it has a real hook and some solid gameplay. At least the animations look good. You can visit the official website to not really learn more but at least it proves the game is real.

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