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Dissidia Final Fantasy has been in Japanese arcades since November and, following a couple of recent announcements from Square Enix, it looks like the crew is ready to start rolling out DLC characters. But before the bad guys can join the roster, it looks like the popular brawler is getting at least one more hero of light first.

If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy Tactics, then you’re likely familiar with the name Ramza Beoulve. One of the key protagonists, Square Enix is finally plugging the character from one of the most beloved Final Fantasy games into Dissidia.

The developer recently revealed a sneak peek at Ramza’s character model during a NicoNico livestream, which shows off everything but the character’s face.

In case you are unfamiliar with Dissidia Final Fantasy, it’s a sort of RPG/fighting game hybrid that first appeared on the PSP. The arcade version does away with the vast majority of those RPG elements and trims away much of the story, opting instead to be a pretty straight Final Fantasy-themed brawler boasting three-on-three throwdowns.

The updated version of Dissidia features a good and evil character from just about every main Final Fantasy game, from the Warrior of Light hailing from the NES original, on up through Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII fame. There are even characters from the MMORPGS Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV in this latest incarnation of Dissidia. It was curious, then, that Final Fantasy Tactics was left out of the mix, especially since it’s such a fan-favorite SRPG.

Thankfully, Ramza’s arrival in the arcade version of the game will fix that oversight. However, you may have noticed that this latest Dissidia is still missing half of its roster. That issue was recently addressed in a Famitsu interview with Director Takeo Kujiraoka, who said that Ramza is only the first in many planned additions to the game.

As Kujiraoka explains, you can’t have Order without Chaos, and so all of those beloved Final Fantasy baddies will be arriving over the course of the next year or so. After the arrival of Ramza, the team expects to bring out a new Chaos combatant every month and a half or so. In other words, considering how many Final Fantasy games there are, we could be looking at a two year wait for the roster to fully flesh out.

That’s great news for Japanese arcades, but kind of a bummer if you were hoping to see the game on consoles anytime soon. There’s always the chance that a home version would launch with the heroes and then bring out the baddies as DLC, too, but that seems like a less-than-ideal model for folks who want to dive into a full roster.