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When it comes to free-to-play MMOs it's always a give and take when it comes to grinding for items versus buying premium items. For The War Z, it'll be adopting the method of allowing gamers to buy certain items from the cash shop, but just like DayZ, if your character dies they can lose everything.

From the interview with Hammerpoint Interactive's PR, Alex Josef, we asked about the possibility of losing real money on consumables. Josef stated that...
Yes, you’ll lose what you have in your backpack when you die – both in Normal and Hardcore modes. And yes, if you bought something using real money, you’ll lose that item as well. This is a price you’ll have to pay.

We’ve discussed that a lot and at the end decided that this will provide a pretty good incentive for players to either be extra cautious while playing, or just not spend too much money in the game and, instead, try to procure all items by finding them in the game world.

DayZ hasn't had this problem (yet) because there is no cash shop. However, if it's something that the team ever decides to add I'm sure the same sort of issue will arise.

At present, most MMOs usually only offer consumable potions or goods to temporarily boost your character. Some MMOs also offer “premium” or “elite” crafting or upgrade items that can also potentially be lost or destroyed when used, so the concept isn't far fetched or unique compared to what's currently being used in a lot of other MMOs out there.

The main thing is that this is probably one of the first mainstream MMOs to make use of a cash shop where premium items can and will end up being lost to post-apocalyptic chaos. As Josef points out, though, these items can still be scavenged from within the game, so it sounds more like it's a matter of people paying for rare goods or people willing to invest a little time to actually find them.

We'll lay out the full interview this weekend. You can learn more about The War Z by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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