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Looking for something a little bit more raw and unorthodox from the typical barrage of modern-military first-person shooters? How about cyborg dinosaur, future-hunters? What about super-powered magical mummies? How about flaming, angry zombies? Well, you just stepped into the realm of Zombies Monsters Robots.

The game was recently announced by En Masse Entertainment, and spotlighted during GDC thanks to a very detailed article about the game over on GamesRadar. The teaser trailer for the title just recently went live, and it does a terrible job of explaining what's going on, but does a fantastic job of showcasing a very fun looking game. Check it out below.

Since that trailer does piss-all to explain what the game is about, the article from GR rolls it out quite nicely: En Masse has acquired the services of Yingpei Games (a former affiliate studio known as Epic Games China) to port the popular Korean title to North American shores. The game features up to eight-player cooperative gameplay and multiple modes where players can partake in PVE or PVP, almost identical to Gears of War.

The game's main mode centers around taking down hordes of enemy forces that range from a number of classic and new-age creatures, including but not limited to zombies, robots, dinosaurs, mummies and arcane mythological beasts. The game will supposedly launch with over 60 maps and tons of weapons and character customization, but I'll believe it when I play it.

Right now, gamers can sign-up for a chance to participate in the upcoming beta. There's no actual time-stamp on when the game will go live, but I get the feeling that it won't be long.

The sign-up page is live, right here, and offers a brief look at some of the content you'll receive if you're selected as an early adopter.

As far as gameplay goes, it looks – based on the brief snippets of footage offered in the teaser trailer above – as if the gameplay is reminiscent of Gears of War. This should come as no surprise as it's practically a sub-conversion of Yingpei's other Gears of War-esque shooter, Mercenary Ops. Unsurprisingly enough, all their titles are made with the Unreal Engine.

For many American or European gamers, this news probably seems rather exciting, but that's only because we haven't been flooded with a deluge of Gears of War clones that the Koreans have received. Previously there were games like Hessian and Dizzel that many PC gamers were looking forward to, but they never saw the light of proper day over here Stateside.

With ZMR it's likely that it could be the kickstart of more Call of Duty and Gears of War clones in the free-to-play multiplayer-online space. We'll keep you posted on when the game's beta actually goes live.
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