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Tired of scrounging through office work as if the day never ends? Sick of all those stupid bosses that hold you back and keep you down? Are you sick of “The Man” being all bureaucratic and stuff? Well, The Big Nic's Zombies is a game that will have you cheering in glee as you murder all forms of bureaucracy with one fed up, pissed off office worker. You could say, if Shaun of the Dead and Office Space got together and did the nasty in a zombie infested alley, Zombies would be the abominable child of the two.

Zombies instantly caught my attention because of the art-style and minimalist approach to the visuals. At the same time, though, the game has a very detailed and distinctive corporate office structure about it, making it both identifiable and yet completely retro.

The blocky, slightly-above 8-bit quality graphics and fast-paced gameplay lends itself well to the dichotomy between the stifling corporate walls that form our corporatist society, while at the same time the free-flowing gameplay and bloody violence work as an antipodean cry for freedom and a break from the zombie-like working structure we've attached ourselves to in order to maintain a good standing in the rat-race. Check out all the anarchical action below.

You know what's really great? I love the soundtrack. After watching the trailer I instantly headed over to the game's page to listen to the rest of the 80s-inspired, retro synth tunes and they sound great. It really fits the game's digitally relevant portrayal of an archaic corporate world that keeps impeding the progress of moving toward a more efficient and modern way of addressing workflow evolution and a balance with actually maintaining some kind of life outside of work.

If Zombies is a game that you can identify with and feel like you need to scrub some bureaucratic boss heads with a chainsaw, feel free to give Zombies an upvote on Steam's Greenlight Page. If you dig the music and want to listen to more, be sure to check out the official soundtrack page.

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