En Masse Entertainment and Yingpei Studios have officially made it known that Zombies Monsters Robots has entered into open beta for North Americans. The game is a wild romp into all sorts of ridiculous pop-cultural themes related to sci-fi movies, action films and monster flicks.

The thing that stands out the most to me isn't that it's a slick looking, free-to-play, third-person shooter, it's that the game is tightly packaged in a promo that holds nothing back. The first part of the trailer takes some hilarious digs at the other big boys currently on the market, making it known that they're obviously aiming to capture the attention of gamers who have put in one too many hours into Call of Duty, or have blown up one too many buildings in Battlefield, or listened to one too many Linkin Park songs while sporting a mean-butt beard in Medal of Honor.

What's more is that the trailer doesn't waste time getting to the good bits. We see that the game carries enough of the basic elements of action and dynamism to attract anyone looking for a standard-fare shooter with all the typical, reloading, weapon looting and cut-and-pasted melee attacks. What makes things a little bit different with Zombies Monsters Robots is that they take that cut-and-dry gameplay module and put it on top of something ridiculous, very similar to what Activision has experimented with in regards to the Call of Duty franchise and the whole zombies bit.

Except here, we have other-worldly creatures, we have killer robots from the future, we have various forms of the undead, as well as mutant juggernauts and cyborg dinosaurs. I mean, come on, cyborg dinosaurs? Who comes up with this stuff?

Producer, Matt Denomme, of En Masse Entertainment commented about the game's recent release, saying...
“Zombies Monsters Robots is the ultimate playground for carnage, camaraderie, and crazy action,”.... “So grab a few friends, hop into the Open Beta, and get ready to expect the unexpected.”

Well the trailer definitely gets players pumped since it just kind of encompasses everything contained within the game without explicitly saying it. We see the ridiculous cash shop outfit so we know that premium apparel and accessories are available, as well as some form of character customization. We learn that the game has various modes where players can do PvP, PvE and what looks like a mixture of the two.

The press release indicates that the game has head-to-head shootouts, assault modes for PvE and PvP elimination, team deathmatch, free-for-all for up to 16 players, 16 levels in total with six brand new maps made available for the open beta, and more than 20 different enemy classes that players can also embody in various modes.

The game definitely seems feature rich, so even if you're not into the whole free-to-play bit, the game is packing on the content tight.

You can participate in the open beta right now by paying a visit to the game's official website and downloading the client. If you give the game a go feel free to a drop a comment about the quality of the play experience in the comment section below.

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